ID NC supports the final season of “Turn” 

Posted on July 24, 2017

As 2017 began, so did production on TURN: Washington Spies, which airs on AMC. Filming in and around Richmond, VA in order to capture the true essence of the era, ID has been proud to offer our lighting packages and support to the crew and the production for the 4th consecutive season. 

Electrical Best Boy Wade Tyree had this to say about the production and his experiences working with ID. – “Every artist has a paintbrush of sorts.  On the AMC series Turn: Washington’s Spies, we paint with light.  Our pallet features the popular ARRI M Series HMI’s, the traditional tungsten fixtures donned in silver and blue, as well as some of the latest LED fixtures on the market.

As we begin to fill the blank canvas with light, we focus on two things, color and control.  It is how we define the time-period. It is how we create our illusion of depth. It is the warmth of every frame in the story we tell.  We have the ability to be candle powered…or at least make it seem that way.  Every source has a motivation and every shadow has a purpose.  The artful augmentation of the light, an ability to naturally enhance the beauty of a scene while not interfering with its integrity is our challenge and duty as Set Lighting Technicians.  Light is our sun, the moon in the sky, and the fire that drives every scene.

As we wrap up the final episodes in the shows storied history, our painting is near completion.  Light makes it possible to tell the tale of America’s first spy ring…to capture our images…to help create the feelings and moods of the show. ID and ARRI have helped be our beacon for TURN, illuminating the way into our history books, navigating through the story, and into the homes of America”.

We at ID are honored to have been part of the production of this show and have worked hard to support it through the finale. This is the final season for TURN and we wish every member of the crew continued success as they move on and thank them all for their support of ID.