ID Broadcast Division Full Steam Ahead in 2017

Posted on July 24, 2017

Golf, Swimming, Volleyball, Baseball, Softball, MMA Fighting, Horse Racing, Poker, Super Cross and Extreme Sports have all been keeping the ID Broadcast division very busy for the first half of 2017.In addition to the “on location” work taking place, a large focus on prepping ID’s fleet for the College and professional Football season is a priority for our hard working technicians at both our Los Angeles, and North Carolina offices.

On the Broadcast Lighting side, ARRI’s newest LED technology fixtures are being used by many of the Lighting Directors ID employs for a variety of sporting shows across the country. The full line of ARRI SkyPanels including the S120C, S60C, S60RP and S30C along with the full line of ARRI L-Series LED fixtures are in such demand that they are difficult to keep on the shelves at both West coast and East coast ID locations and we are continuing to increase our inventory to make sure we meet customer needs.

“The biggest problem I find with outdoor sets is that they are usually opaquely covered. Its like shooting out from within a cave. The ARRI Sky Panels offer me a way to create a soft ambient fill that i can punch into and model with harder key light. I really like the DMX gel like color control. With it I can match the outside color temperature from dawn til dusk. Adding quarter CTO on all 16 lights is done in a second with a click of the mouse. Travis Schwartz -Sky Sports Lighting Director.