Customer Spotlight: Paul Monroe, SLiK Lighting

Posted on May 12, 2015

I am a young gaffer based in Los Angeles and the owner/operator of a growing lighting company.  Since starting my career eight years ago, I have worked with most lighting rental companies in the area, as well as most lighting brands.  For every job I must rely on the quality of the equipment we use on set and the quality of service we receive from my fellow vendors – like Illumination Dynamics.

ID’s staff has treated me and each of my projects with such incredible respect.  Sometimes I have large jobs but, of course, others can be very small where I only need a few items. The speed, care, and dedication to the bigger picture provided by people like Robert Rouel, Mickey McMahon, James Chichil and the rest of the staff have converted me into a loyal, lifetime customer.  I now always work with ID and ARRI whenever I need to supplement my own lighting package.

On a recent project, I was asked by the cinematographer to light a wide shot of an audience in a theater reacting to a play they were watching on a stage.  He wanted me to use a 2K with some color and a hand squeezer to dim the light up and down.

Instead of a 2K, I pulled out two ARRI L5 LED’s and pushed them through a 6×6 frame.  I was able to easily dim while scrolling smoothly through the colors from warm to cool to green to purple, etc.   Dimming up, dimming down – taking the audience to a sunny desert, a deep green rain forest, a soft blue beach, or whatever crazy place the director wanted his actors to imagine.  We created a simple but quite effective light show, which responded beautifully on camera and motivated the talent as well.

I’m excited to try similar effects with the just announced ARRI Sky Panel.  From what I’ve seen, it is also capable of creating a dynamic color show.  No more gels!  I’m looking forward to renting or purchasing this amazingly versatile new fixture on the first day of release and making it part of my “must-have” lighting arsenal. Thank you, ARRI, for pushing forward with stunning new technology and the best lights in the industry.